MIB2 ZR software updates SKODA

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This product allows you to update your MIB2 ZR Preh unit without an expensive trip to the dealer 

To find out which version is applicable to your unit, hold the menu button & press software update/versions. Here your current version will be displayed.

If it displays 02xx, then purchase the 02XX update, 03xx to 03xx etc. Please do not try to update from 02xx to 03xx, 03xx to 04xx as you risk damaging your unit. It will usually refuse to update. 

If you have this update carried out by us at our premises, we will update the vehicles factory build data accordingly. We cannot do this if purchased for DIY.

By purchasing this product, you'll receive a download link for the update and instructions on how to update.

These are EU updates only. 

Please note - The link provided is for your own personal use. Unauthorised sharing of the link will result in the link being cancelled

 By purchasing this and carrying out the update yourself, you accept responsibility for any damages/costs incurred.