Genuine Full Link compatible USB port

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This USB port is necessary if you plan to activate Full Link on your Seat MIB2 unit, or if the USB port has failed/been damaged. This replacement is necessary if your vehicle has a single USB port.

If you do not have factory activated Seat Full link, your current USB port only supports Android Auto, not Apple Carplay.

Whilst on the surface it looks identical to your current USB, the internals are different and allow for the reliable operation of Apple Car play & Android Auto 

This is a genuine, unused part. Not a cheap, unreliable Chinese clone.


Upon fitting this USB, you'll need to change the usb functionality to USB + IPOD (or USB + iphone, depending on the device you're using). This is found in the long coding. When fitting you'll need to trim off a locating tab on your factory plug. This becomes obvious during installation