A3 8V Virtual cockpit retrofit

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Virtual cockpit retrofit service for the Audi A3 8V (2013-2020)

Fitting kit

All virtual cockpit retrofits for the A3 8V require either a replacement dashboard, or a fitting kit to adapt the existing dashboard. Without one of the above, we cannot carry out this service.


Used parts

VWAG have now implemented restrictions on used immobiliser parts on vehicles such as the A3 8V.

This means that only legitimately registered workshops can install used immobiliser parts. This service requires two appointments, or your vehicle leaving with us. During the first appointment we'll take copies of your ID, vehicle registration documents and proof of purchase for the part in question. We'll then submit an application to Audi for the part to be installed (it's impossible without this permission). We cannot guarantee this will be approved. On the second visit, if VWAG approve the installation; we can go ahead and install the component(s).

As with all used parts, we will check the VIN assigned to them to ensure they aren't reported as stolen on the national police database. We will NOT attempt to install stolen parts, and you will be liable for any costs incurred up until this point. 

We do not supply used clusters. We only supply new clusters.


Mileage increase (used clusters only) 

Usually, you have to buy a new instrument cluster to have the correct mileage set. Luckily, we can increase the mileage of used clusters - we cannot decrease the mileage.