Audi A6,7,8 Q7 Q8 Intelligent Park Assist

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Intelligent park assist can steer the car automatically into perpendicular and parallel parking spaces. Numerous ultrasonic sensors located in the front, rear, and side bumpers help with parking.

It helps drivers to find a suitable parking space: when activated via the MMI, the ultrasonic sensors measure the size of potential roadside parking spaces in the streets of the driver’s destination as the vehicle drives past at a moderate speed.

The system reliably identifies and measures perpendicular parking spaces up to a maximum speed of 20 km/h and parallel parking spaces up to a maximum speed of 30 km/h. If a suitable parking space is identified, a message appears on the MMI display.

To park the vehicle safely, the car must be in forward or reverse, the accelerator pedal gently depressed, and the brakes applied if necessary. Acoustic signals provide support, and the system automatically sets the right steering angle at the right time.

If necessary, park assist parks the car in several forward and backward motions. It can also park in parallel parking spaces (the maximum speed for all parking maneuvers is 7 km/h. 


(For cars with area view) There are also four TopView cameras mounted in the side mirrors, the tailgate opener, and the radiator grille. This allows for additional precision whilst parking. 


This service is for cars that have 12 parking sensors fitted. It's a bonus if your car has area view. This service includes the installation of the parking button in the console.