MQB Lane assist, high beam assist & sign recognition retrofit

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This service adds adaptive lane guidance, high beam assist & traffic sign recognition to your car.


When engaged, adaptive lane guidance uses road markings to help keep your vehicle centred within the driving lane. It can be disabled using the infotainment menu or ADAS shortcut on the stalks asif factory fit.

High beam assist uses the camera to detect oncoming traffic, street lighting & daylight to automatically control your high beam where appropriate.

Traffic sign recognition uses the camera to read road signs and display them on the instrument cluster.

This service works with both standard & virtual instrument clusters.

This service includes a replacement windscreen along with a camera, wiring and trim to suit your interior

We advise you visit an ADAS (advanced driver assist systems) specialist soon after having this installed as we only calibrate the system for test purposes. We take no responsibility for vehicles with which the owner failed to have the system correctly calibrated.