MIB2 retrofit kit

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Our MIB2 retrofit kits include everything you need to upgrade from MIB1 5.8" to MIB2 

•Full link ✔️
•Sports Displays ✔️
•Bluetooth ✔️
•Navigation ✔️
•Mapcare ✔️
•Latest map card ✔️
•Replacement USB & wiring included too!


Once we receive your order, we'll be in touch to get some information about your vehicle from you. We'll then code the unit to match your car's specifications meaning on delivery you can remove the old & replace with the new.

If you don't currently have Navigation or DAB you'll need appropriate antennas for these. Contact us with any questions! 

Functionality of the sports displays isn't guaranteed due to compatibility requirements that certain Engine software doesn't meet.

 We will post your kit within a maximum of 14 days.

FITTING: If you require installation, It takes roughly 1 hour. 

You can get the required centre console trim here https://eastyorkshireretrofits.co.uk/products/centre-console-usb-trim