Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control upgrade

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If your vehicle has Adaptive Cruise Control installed, we offer an upgrade service to Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control.


The service includes;

Replacement radar 

PACC Feature enablement 

Unlike some other companies, our activation leaves no errors on your radar.


*Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control*

PACC uses your vehicle's lane assist camera combined with navigation data to adjust your vehicle's speed accordingly when It sees junctions, round abouts and corners ahead.

It also reads speed signs to set your cruise control to the speed limit without driver intervention. Where it cannot see signs for an extended time, it uses your navigation data.

Please contact us so we can ensure your radar is compatible. 

By purchasing this service, you agree to be contacted to arrange a booking. We require your car with us in Bridlington to carry out the work unless alternative arrangements are agreed to. 

Please contact us prior to purchase to ensure your radar is compatible.