MQB, MQBevo & MLBevo Active Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) retrofit

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From the factory, most VWAG vehicles come with passive TPMS as standard. This system uses your ABS sensors to calculate the wheel circumference and alerts you if this changes.

Whilst this system certainly works, it isn't completely accurate and doesn't allow you to monitor the exact pressures

Our active TPMS retrofit uses genuine sensors and electronics. It integrates with your vehicle to allow you to monitor the tyre pressures on your infotainment display & your instrument cluster. (Some vehicles display the pressure, please enquire if this is important to you)

You can select between different target pressures for different loads (Normal. Heavy etc). The pressures will reflect what's marked on your tyre pressure information sticker, or we can set custom pressures for you.

After purchasing this service, we will send you 4 TPMS sensors to have installed locally prior to visiting us. Once installed, you will visit us in Bridlington to have the electronics installed & commissioned