VWAG Brake fluid change

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Your brake fluid should first be changed after 3 years. After this, it should be changed every 2 years.

Dot 3, Dot 4 & Dot 5.1 brake fluid should be changed at the recommended intervals as they're hygroscopic, meaning they'll absorb moisture when exposed to air.

This is a problem, as water has a lower boiling point than brake fluid. This can result in your brake fluid boiling earlier than expected & in the worst case it could result in brake failure. 


Our brake fluid service includes the following 

Genuine VWAG brake fluid 


All of our servicing is recorded on the vehicles digital service history.

During this service, the wheels may be removed. They'll be refitted and torqued to the manufacturers torque setting. Please check the torque after approximately 30 miles of driving.