ADAS Calibration

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It's important to ensure that ADAS systems can perform safely. If your vehicle has been involved in a collision, or has had a windscreen replacement (or the replacement of any ADAS sensors) it is crucial that a calibration/adjustment is carried out to a high standard. 

On some vehicles, poor design/material selection from the manufacturer can result in the failure of mounting hardware due to corrosion/ aging materials turning brittle and cracking. Following the replacement of the mounting hardware, a calibration/adjustment of the system is essential 



The price is for the adjustment and/or calibration of one ADAS system. ADAS calibrations take place at our workshop in Bridlington. We are not mobile.

There's an automatic discount of 20% for any additional ADAS systems. If your car has a front radar and a windscreen camera, if both systems required calibration then you'd need to add 2 calibrations to your basket. Here, there will be an automatic discount of 20%. 

If we identify a fault with your vehicle that means a calibration is not possible, we would charge the appropriate diagnostic fee for your vehicle instead of the full price for calibration. (Please see our diagnostic services).

Please include your VIN or registration number at the checkout.