MIB2 Full Link Activation

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Our full link activation service allows us to offer activation of Seat Full link at a lower price than most dealerships. We can also activate unit's seat themselves cannot!


We offer this service either in person in Bridlington, or we can work remotely if you have an SD card & SD reader, and OBDEleven or VCDS to change some coding. The service takes roughly 40 minutes and includes a free software update if you aren't already up to date.  


If your has a single USB port you will have to replace this to use Apple Carplay. You can find the necessary USB on our website. If your car has a double USB, it will be compatible with Carplay


We can only activate units equipped with NAVIGATION. If you're in doubt, contact us. Units without navigation require different activation methods.

Cars on software versions beginning with 02xx will require some coding to display the full link menu, you can do this with OBDEleven or similar. 

By purchasing this service you understand nothing will be delivered to you. We will contact you to arrange a booking slot for you.